experience & approach

It may be a cliché but that doesn't mean it isn't true – first learn the rules, then you can break them.

Learn the rules ...

Jacqueline had a very thorough, blue-chip apprenticeship in market research, working in research & advertising agencies. She started as a junior researcher at Davies Riley-Smith Maclay spending every day (and many evenings) working with experienced, talented researchers and watching how they dealt with the issues they faced. She ended up as a board level strategic planner for McCann-Erickson, London, working on national and international business for clients such as Unilever.

She has been a member of professional bodies such as the MRS and AQR for almost 20 years & abides by the highest professional standards.

... because sometimes you need to break them

Budgets, timings, sampling difficulties, internal client conflicts – sometimes you can't be too purist. To meet the core objectives you may need to be flexible and capable of coming up with imaginative and sometimes unorthodox solutions.

The key thing in these situations is to make sure everyone understands why we are taking the approach that has been chosen and understands the implications.