The core team

The company was set up nine years ago by Jacqueline Feasey. She still does most of the fieldwork so you know exactly what you're getting – no juniors, no hidden freelancers. She works with Christopher Easingwood who helps to manage the projects, in particular ensuring that the recruitment runs smoothly.

Additional resources

Sometimes though, it is useful to involve other researchers, either because a project is very large; because the timings are hideous; because some of the groups require a male researcher or just because it would be useful to have another perspective. In this case we have a small network of contacts to draw on. These are experienced researchers that Jacqueline knows well, has worked closely with in the past and whose work she respects and admires.

If it seems like a good idea to bring someone else onto the project, this will always be done with the full knowledge and approval of the client.

You and us

Sometimes a client just wants to brief out a project & hear the findings at the end. That's fine. Sometimes though they want to be more involved and that's fine too. In the past we have collaborated very closely with clients on projects, for example: